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Our commitment to providing the highest quality products to our customers is what makes Pure Advtantage so special. We will do everything we can to meet your needs.

Made in the USA

All products offered through Pure Advtantage are made in the USA so know that in purchasing from Pure Advantage you are supporting American businesses.

Farmer-Owned Business

Pure Advantage is a family run operation. Our products are produced by American farmers, including our own, so we can maintain the optimal conditions to produce quality product before it hits the shelves. We are family owned and operated for more than 4 generations! From generation to generation, we are passionate about growing great crops. The tradition of family farming endures to this day with a new generation of farmers who are committed to growing the highest quality crops available

Excellent Customer Service

From our farm to yours, our team is devoted to exceeding expectations and forming long lasting relationships with all our customers. This dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do here at Pure Advantage.

All-Natural Products

Pure Advantage products are free from articial and synthetic ingredients so you can rest assured that you are using natural products for the benefit of your animals and the environment.

All of my horses are worth their weight in gold! However, Spark is the one that makes my day everything I ride him in the show pen or on the trails! That's why I invest in quality products like Pure Advantage Flax. It, too, is worth its weight in gold.

Lori F.

The tote worked great and our tractor had no problem moving it where it needed to go. One of the horses we rescued from auction is making great progress thanks to your feed! We rescued him August 8th, so it's been just under a month. I want to thank you guys again so much for everything you are doing for horses. Thanks!

President of Horse Plus Humane Society, Hohenwald, TN

Here's an update so far after starting him on the flax seed, as I am very impressed with the results. He is still receiving ointment on the eye, but I'm really shocked at the difference in the upper eye lid. Tonight when I took his fly mask off to do his ointment, he was able to keep his eye all the way open, instead of squinting 90% of the time. So far, and the fact that he loves the flax seed so much that he's willing to eat it with nothing being added.

North Dakota

Thunder is a testament to the benefits of flax. He arrived at his new owner's in poor condition and quite underweight. Adding flax sure helped him add weight safely! He now has a shiny coat and an adorable little family complete with a foal born in April!


Jeanette has some gorgeous horses who are thriving on Pure Advantage Flax, including Andalusian stallion, Esperado Ray, seen here. She says "Pure Advantage Flax has great quality ground flax for horses. I've seen definite anti-inflammatory affects with it as well as very shiny coats."